From Pandemic Challenges to Musical Innovations

Escrito por : Carlos Pérez-Carracedo López
Publicado an : 4 abr. 2023

The Covid-19 pandemic brought with it a lot of uncertainty and challenges for many people around the world, including musicians. However, for Carlos and Danny, it proved to be an opportunity to explore new sounds and experiment with their music-making process.

Danny, who was originally planning on making techno with alpha beats and delta in the background, found himself working with Carlos on a different project entirely. They ended up creating an album called "Album 8" at 85bpm, which was a deep and introspective piece that showcased Carlos' skills as a neuroscientist.

After the success of "Album 8," the duo decided to try their hand at creating a hit in the commercial market. They were inspired by the success of the house genre, and wanted to incorporate it into their music.

They then went on to collaborate with the renowned flamenco guitarist Juan Carmona, and created a house track with flamenco influences. The fusion of the two genres was an instant hit and gained popularity worldwide.

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After a break, Carlos and Danny are back this year with two new tracks, which promise to be as innovative and exciting as their previous work. One of the tracks was delayed due to the focus they both had on other projects. but the duo is waiting for the right time to release it. The second track is a collaboration with a full live band, with Danny bringing his electronic music skills to the table.

It's fascinating to see how Carlos and Danny have evolved as musicians over the years, constantly pushing the boundaries and experimenting with different sounds and styles. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, they have continued to create music that resonates with people and brings joy and inspiration to their fans.

We can't wait to see what the future holds for this talented duo, and we're excited to hear their new music! Has to offer!