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Song written by Carlos Pérez-Carracedo López, Amy Gill & Howard Hayward

Our videoclip Qué Bonita is a project that comes from the need to break with the darkness we’ve lived through, a project that embraces the yearning for freedom that we’ve missed so much; the desire for summer, to go outside, to breathe and above all to dance, to make everything go back to the way it was before!

Videoclip crew: Stars: Mar Zaldivar, Francesca McGill, Juan Carmona Jr.
Also staring: Danny Eagle
Written and directed by Alexandra Iglesias
Produced by Carlos Pérez-Carracedo & THE TRUE RELIGION MUSIC
Line producer: Claudia Clot
Production manager: Marina Zubiaur
Director of photography and camera operator: Marc Tarruell
Art Director: Jo García Garrido
Editor: Didac Quintana
First Assistant Director: Clara Serrano
Script supervisor & 2nd AD: Judit Vilarrasa
Assistant production manager: Magdala San José
Casting: Alexandra Iglesias & Clara Serrano
Focus puller: Jaume Roma
1AC & gaffer: Arturo del Valle
Making off and set photographers: Nacho Heras Castan & Jo García Garrido
Wardrobe and Set Design Assistant: Luis Rodriguez
Assistant Art director: Ivan Alvarado
Make-up artist: Dimitra Lepper
Hair Stylist:Josep Ballester
Colorist: Marc Tarruell
Sound editor: Simón Ordóñez
Graphics and tittle design: Carla Galí