True Religion

Having lived and worked in various countries around the world, each member of "True Religion" has a vast array of experiences to draw from. The duo’s ability to bridge together an understanding of the human experience with their music is what sets them apart from the rest. The group’s sound consists of trippy underground house grooves and intelligent techno textures, all of which are blended to form an eclectic mix.

True Religion

What truly sets "True Religion" apart from the rest is its ability to combine elements of mindfulness with music. The pair has been able to achieve a unique style that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. They also host events known as “mindfulness nights”, where they discuss various topics such as meditation, philosophy, and more.

Their first album, named after the group was released in May 2021. It consists of 8 tracks, ranging from chill techno to ambient sounds. Important themes such as acceptance, love, unity, and empathy are explored in this album and the overall effect is calming and soothing.

At their core, "True Religion" stands for tolerance, acceptance, and understanding among all people regardless of race or religion. Through their music, they strive to bring awareness to important topics such as mental health issues and social injustice.

Their latest track is called "The world is changing", and is released in December 2022. The track speaks about the changes that are taking place in the world and how everyone needs to be aware of these changes. It serves as a reminder for people to stay mindful of their actions and words and to treat everyone with respect.

"True Religion" aims to bring a sense of peace and understanding through its music. The duo continues to bridge the gap between genres, cultures, and generations with each release. They hope that their message will inspire others to look at the world differently and ultimately make a positive change.

Through music, "True Religion" seeks to create an open dialogue between different individuals from all backgrounds while providing an authentic sonic experience that can be enjoyed by all. Their unique sound gives them an edge in the electronic dance music scene.